We Have T-Shirts!

Posted by Exquisite Corpse On Jan - 01 - 2009

We now have t-shirts for sale! Printed on American Apparel, sizes xs-large are available. For more information, please email us at exquisitecorpse301@yahoo.com

March Art Hop

Posted by Exquisite Corpse On Feb - 20 - 2009

During the month of March, gallery member Heidi Weiss will be showing her recent series of work, "(the often exaggerated) series of worst case scenarios."

April Art Hop

Posted by Author On Month - Day - Year

Leslie Grossman will be showing a new series of work, "Repetition in Nature" Come see her work on the first Friday, April 3rd from 5-9 p.m.

Monthly Art-ings

Posted by Exquisite Corpser On March - 14 - 2009

Each month the Exquisite Corpse hosts gatherings to promote the arts in the community. Check below to see what we're doing this month!

Call for entries!

Posted by Exquisite Corpse On 8:04 AM

The Exquisite Corpse is hosting an exhibit for the month of May entitled, "notably unnoticed." The exhibition will offer a unique insight into the process of art making; a display of by-products accumulated on the way to finished artwork.

Examples include:
Color tests, scraps, rags, balls of paper, broken tools, fabric trimmings; all things on the studio floor or shoved to the outer perimeter of tables.

Submission guidelines:
1-2 JPEG images no larger than 2MB. Please title images

A short paragraph on your thoughts on process. This can be about how you create you work, the importance of a particular method used to create your art, or anything else you find important. What makes this interesting to you?

Deadline: April 15

Accepted applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of receiving their submissions. Upon notification, a $10 fee will be collected and put towards reception and promotional materials.

Send a CD or email of the following criteria to:

The Exquisite Corpse Gallery
326 w. Kalamazoo Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007


2 Response to "Call for entries!"

  1. very cool show idea. would like a bit of clarification. Is one to submit a photo of the finished artwork AND the process remnants of making it in order to enter?


  2. Just a photo of the remnants. We ask for this so we can make sure we have a good variety of objects.


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